“Dialogue of Arts” is a magazine for those who love art and are curious about it.
However, it is not restricted to fine arts. We are trying to keep track of the most current
events from cinema, theater, music, fashion, psychology, and philosophy. But, above all,
we focus on the phenomena in modern cultural process characterized by interaction and
convergence of different art forms, science, and everyday life.
One of the main features of contemporary world is division of culture into numerous
clusters. Our magazine is willing to overcome this singularity and to create a “unified
space” of culture.
“Dialogue of Arts”, a Moscow Museum of Modern Art’s magazine, is issued six times a
year. It outlines an uptodate information about Russian artistic process and confidently
occupies a special niche among a few professional publications devoted to modern art.


City events of current interest such as exhibitions, festivals, biennale, and restoration of urban environment.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art held numerous exhibitions over the past 15 years starting with debut shows of novice artists and conceptual expositions and ending with international festivals and ambitious retrospective shows of famous artists.

This section presents works of artists who went down the art history and who distinguished themselves in сurrent artistic practices.

This is the editor’s research about topical issues of artistic process analyzing the most significant events and tendencies. The authors of this section are philosophers, art theorists, cultural scientists, and sociologists.

We analyze the problems of transformation of film language in conjunction with common issues of artistic process. Film critics detect similar patterns in development of cinema and other visual arts.

Theater is presented as a part of visual art mainstream of Moscow, Russia, and the whole world. We are looking at international and Russian festivals, and productions of leading world directors.
We also lay a great emphasis on art productions which synthesize theater traditions with author’s techniques.

Fashion industry actively interacts with сontemporary art. This section highlights collections by famous designers who work on the intersection of fashion and modern art.

In this section we present photographers whose work are related to the tendencies in
contemporary visual art.

These sections explore artistic live in Russia and foreign countries.

“The Perspective” was a section dedicated to contemporary art in the “Decorative Art in USSR” magazine, an ancestor of “Dialogue of Arts.” “The Perspective” features a discussion of longestablished phenomena of Russian underground art and artistic process.
Its old version is an outline of history of unofficial Russian art. The new version of “The Perspective” discusses current problems of artistic process, what we need to comprehend in this process and what are the innovative ways of creation we can develop.

The editors of “Dialogue of Arts” organize scientific and practical conferences, roundtables and workshops in Moscow and other cities in Russia. Locations of these events include Moscow Museum of Modern Art, “Respublica” bookstore, “Tsvetnoy Central Market”, and other cities such as Saratov, Tolyatti, Kazan, and Kostroma. “Dialogue of Arts” is an initiator of regional research “Museum’s rehearsal” and “Moscow and Saint Petersburg schools. Protagonists” project.
“Dialogue of Arts” magazine is presented on the largest festivals of modern art in Russia and abroad.